Deck of Cards
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Views & Filters

A Deck can define any number of Views and Filters. A View defines how the Deck is displayed, including Listing options (e.g. grouping, sort orders) and Content options (e.g. icon size, whether tags is shown). A View also can choose one of the Deck's defined Filters as the designated Filter.
A Filter defines which Cards are included in a View. As of Kase 2.2, Filters are currently limited to one criterion: whether the Card has a Picture or not.

View Options

Listing Options

    Group by Categories
      This option groups the Cards by Category. You can think of it as "Sort by Category" first, like a level 0 sort option in addition to the three levels of sort options below.
      Categories will be in the order they are arranged. To change the order:
        Go into any Card and then tap on the Category row (the Card Category icon is the one with four small squares in different shades).
        Turn on Edit mode by tapping on the Edit button on the bottom right.
        Manually adjust the order by dragging on the arrange bar on the right, or sort them by names using the Sort button on bottom left.
        Finish by tapping on the Edit button again.
    Group Summary
    Sort by [Field] [Ascending/Descending]
      Each View can define up to three levels of sorting.
      Each sorting level can sort on any one of these fields in ascending or descending order:
        Date Modified
        Date Created
        Links Count
        or User-defined Custom Fields

Content Options

    Show Tags
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