Deck of Cards

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Views & Filters

A Deck can define any number of Views and Filters. A View defines how the Deck is displayed, including Listing options (e.g. grouping, sort orders) and Content options (e.g. icon size, whether tags is shown). A View also can choose one of the Deck's defined Filters as the designated Filter.
A Filter defines which Cards are included in a View. As of Kase 2.2, Filters are currently limited to one criterion: whether the Card has a Picture or not.

View Options

Listing Options

  • Group by Categories
    • This option groups the Cards by Category. You can think of it as "Sort by Category" first, like a level 0 sort option in addition to the three levels of sort options below.
    • Categories will be in the order they are arranged. To change the order:
      • Go into any Card and then tap on the Category row (the Card Category icon is the one with four small squares in different shades).
      • Turn on Edit mode by tapping on the Edit button on the bottom right.
      • Manually adjust the order by dragging on the arrange bar on the right, or sort them by names using the Sort button on bottom left.
      • Finish by tapping on the Edit button again.
  • Group Summary
  • Sort by [Field] [Ascending/Descending]
    • Each View can define up to three levels of sorting.
    • Each sorting level can sort on any one of these fields in ascending or descending order:
      • Name
      • Notes
      • Date Modified
      • Date Created
      • Links Count
      • or User-defined Custom Fields

Content Options

  • Icon
  • Show Tags